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Independent Music Producer

Composer (January 1964 - Present)

I see myself as a music composer because it is what I do most of the time in my life, it is what I love to do.

After composing for TV shows, Corporate videos, rock&pop bands and artists, live presentations, political campaigns etc... I felt that it was time to go deeper and deeper with my composition, as well as trying to present the result of my work to more and more public.

Some of my work can be heard at my official site

and at my official music profile
http://reverbnation.com/kaosos .

At the following link http://kaosos.com/archive_top/index.html
you will find a archive with some achievements since 14 November 2009 related with Independent Charts.

Thank You

Doio Kaosos

Owner-Operator (Present)

Composer, Producer

Fernando Santos's Education

Never Land

Music Composition, Ethnomusicology, Audio and Video Audio Technologies (January 1995 - September 1999)

Liceu Nacional da Amadora


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